Saturday, May 8, 2010

Top 20 Literal Video Songs

This is a fun list. A literal music video, also called a "literal video version", is a parody of an official music video clip in which the lyrics have been replaced with lyrics that describe the visuals in the video. Literal video versions are usually based on music videos in which the imagery appears illogical, disconnected with the lyrics, and more concerned with impressive visuals than actual meaning. The results are often hilarious. I encourage you to watch them all and have a blast! These are my Top 20 literal video songs.

1. Total Eclipse of the Heart

2. I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)

3. Head Over Heels

4. Never Gonna Give You Up

5. Take On Me

6. Making Love Out of Nothing at All

7. Love is a Battlefield

8. Daydream Believer

9. Jingle Bell Rock

10. White Wedding

11. Penny Lane

12. Safety Dance

13. Separate Ways

14. Under the Bridge

15. With Arms Wide Open

16. Billie Jean

17. We Built this City

18. Ghostbusters

19. You're Beautiful

20. Birdhouse of your Soul

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