Saturday, October 31, 2009

Top 20 Halloween Songs

Ah, All Hallows’ Eve is again upon us and I’ve got witches, ghosts, zombies, ghouls, monsters, werewolves, things that go bump in the night, and a couple of really scary tunes to celebrate… These are my top 20 songs for Halloween

  1. Marilyn Manson - This is Halloween

This is Halloween, this is Halloween / Pumpkins scream in the dead of night / This is Halloween, everybody make a scene / Trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright / It's our town, everybody scream / In this town of Halloween

  1. Michael Jackson – Thriller

Darkness falls across the land / The midnight hour is close at hand / Creatures crawl in search of blood / To terrorize yawls neighborhood / And whosoever shall be found / Without the soul for getting down / Must stand and face the hounds of hell / And rot inside a corpses shell / The foulest stench is in the air / The funk of forty thousand years / And grizzy ghouls from every tomb / Are closing in to seal your doom / And though you fight to stay alive / Your body starts to shiver
For no mere mortal can resist / The evil of the thriller

  1. Boris Pickett - The Monster Mash

Out from his coffin, Drac's voice did ring / Seems he was troubled by just one thing / He opened the lid and shook his fist / And said, "Whatever happened to my Transylvania twist?" / It's now the mash / It's now the monster mash / The monster mash / And it's a graveyard smash

  1. Misfits – Halloween

Bonfires burning bright pumpkin faces in the night / I remember Halloween / dead cats hanging from poles / little dead are out in droves / I remember Halloween / Brown leaved vertigo where skeletal life is known / I remember Halloween / this day anything goes / burning bodies hanging from poles / I remember / Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween / Candy apples and razor blades / little dead are soon in graves / I remember Halloween

  1. Fairport Convention – Tam Lin

And at the end of seven years she pays a tithe to hell / I so fair and full of flesh and feared it be myself / But tonight is Hallowe'en and the faery folk ride / Those that would their true love win at Miles Cross they must buy

  1. Carl Off – O Fortuna

  1. Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells (Theme from “The Exorcist”)

  1. Ozzy Osbourne – Bark at the Moon

Howling in shadows / Living in a lunar spell / He finds his heaven / Spewing from the mouth of hell / And when he finds who he’s looking for / Listen in awe and you’ll hear him / Bark at the moon.

  1. Charlie Daniels Band – The Legend of Wooley Swamp

And that's been fifty years ago / And you can go by there yet. / There's a spot in the yard / In the back of that shack / Where the ground is always wet. / And on summer nights / If the moon is right / Down by the that dark footpath, / You can hear three young men screaming./ You can hear one old man laugh.

  1. Alice Cooper – Welcome to my Nightmare

Welcome to my nightmare / Welcome to my breakdown / I hope I didn't scare you / That's just the way we are when we come down / We sweat and laugh and scream here / 'cuz life is just a dream here / You know inside you feel right at home here

  1. La Union – Lobo Hombre en Paris

Cada noche llaman desde París / en el día en que todo ocurrió / Como un sueño de locos sin fin / La fortuna se ha reído de ti / Sorprendido espiando / el lobo escapa aullando y es mordido por el mago del Siam / La luna llena sobre París / ha transformado en hombre a Denis

  1. Warren Zevon – Warewolves of London

Ya hear him howlin around your kitchen door / ya better not let him in / Little old lady got mutilated late last night / werewolves of London again.

  1. Edgar Winter Group – Frankenstein

  1. The Alan Parsons Project – The Raven

And still the raven remains in my room / No matter how much I implore / No words can soothe him / No prayer remove him / And I must hear for evermore / Quote the raven, nevermore / Thus quote the raven / Nevermore

  1. Squirrel Nut Zippers – Hell

This is a place where eternally / Fire is applied to the body / Teeth are extruded and bones are ground / Then baked into cakes which are passed around.

  1. Johnny Cash – Ghost Riders in the Sky

As the riders loped on by him he heard one call his name / If you want to save your soul from Hell a-riding on our range / Then cowboy change your ways today or with us you will ride / Trying to catch the Devil's herd, across these endless skies

  1. Donovan – Season of the Witch

When I looked over my shoulder / What do you think I see / Summer cat looking over / It shoulder at me / Any strange, sure is strange / You got to pick out every stitch / Beat me its eye to make it rich oh no / Must be the season of the witch

  1. Ray Parker Jr – Ghostbusters

If there's something strange in your neighborhood / Who ya gonna call? / Ghostbusters / If it's something weird an it won't look good / Who ya gonna call? / Ghostbusters / I ain't afraid a no ghost / I ain't afraid a no ghost

  1. DJ Jazzy Jeef & Fresh Prince – Nightmare on my Street

Now I have a story that Id like to tell / About this guy you all know he had me scared as hell / He comes to me at night after I crawl into bed / He’s burnt up like a weenie and his name is Fred / He wears the same hat and sweater every single day / And even if it’s hot outside he wears it anyway / He’s home when I’m awake but he shows up when I sleep / I can’t believe that there’s a nightmare on my street

  1. Theme from the “Addam’s Family”

They're creepy and they're kooky / Mysterious and spooky / They're all together ooky / The Addams Family.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Top 20 Sax Songs

Yep. I said Sax, like in Saxophone... I love it when Pop/Rock songs leverage from non-traditional instruments like Steel Drums or Saxes.. ya know, Sax, Drums and Rock'n'Roll... ja ja ja... To me, the sax is one of the coolest instruments ever.. I wish I could learn to play it and if I had a Rock Band I would definitely add a sax solo here and there... These are my top 20 sax songs...

01. Gerry Rafferty – Baker Street

02. Bruce Springesteen & The E Street Band – Born to Run

03. Candy Dulfer – Lily Was Here

04. Foreigner – Urgent

05. Pink Floyd - Money

06. Billy Joel – Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

07. Al Stewart – The Year of the Cat

08. Supertramp – The Logical Song

09. John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band – Tender Years

10. Glenn Frey – You Belong to the City

11. Bob Seger - Turn the Page

12. The Champs – Tequila

13. Rolling Stones – Waiting on a Friend

14. Sting – Fortress Around Your Heart

15. Pink Floyd – Us & Them

16. Rick Springfield – Don’t Walk Away

17. Queen – One Year of Love

18. Billy Joel – It's Still Rock’n’Roll to Me

19. Hall & Oates - Maneater

20. George Michael - Careless Whisper

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Top 20 Songs from Fictional TV & Movie Bands

This is an odd list. Some fictional bands are put together for the purposes of a movie or a TV show and do not exist beyond their own universe. However, some fictional bands start off as fictitious, only to later become real due to their popularity. Here are my top 20 songs from Fictional TV & Movie Bands.

1. Spinal Tap - Stonehenge

This is the greatest fictional band that ever lived. We met them as the fictional subject of Rob Reiner’s "This is Spinal Tap", one of the best mockumentaries / rockumentaries ever. In fact, in the years since the 1984 film, the three actors who portrayed the band members (Michael McKean, Christopher Guest and Harry Shearer) have played occasional concerts, made TV appearances, and even released music under the Spinal Tap name.

2. Daydream Believer – The Monkees

The Monkees were "assembled" for a live action TV series that would compete with The Beatles cartoons. At the start, the band members provided vocals, and were given some performing and production opportunities, but they eventually fought for and earned the right to collectively supervise all musical output under the band's name. The group undertook several concert tours, allowing an opportunity to perform as a live band as well as on the TV series. By 1970, they had achieved 6 top ten singles (including 4 Billboard Hot 100 number ones) and several gold and platinum records.

3. Eddie & The Cruisers - On the Dark Side

When the Eddie & the Cruisers film came out, “On the Dark Side” by Eddie & The Cruisers was released and flopped in the charts. A year later, after several successful screenings in HBO, the studio re-released the song under the name of the real Jersey band that had recorded the songs for the film, John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band. The song re-entered the charts and sky-rocketed to number one.

4. Ellen Aim and the Attackers - Tonight it’s What It Means to Be Young

In the 1984 film Streets of Fire, Ellen Aim and the Attackers performed "Tonight Is What It Means to Be Young" with members of new wave band Face to Face playing the part of the Attackers and actress Diane Lane lip-syncing to singer Laurie Sargent's vocals. When the Streets of Fire soundtrack came out, the song was attributed to Fire Inc., a Wagnerian rock ensemble composer Jim Steinman assembled to record two songs for the movie. A fictional band recording the music for another fictional band...

5. The Archies - Sugar, Sugar

The Archies is a fictional garage band founded by Archie Andrews and a group of fictional characters of the Archie universe for the animated TV series, The Archie Show. The fictional band's music was recorded by session musicians featuring Ron Dante on vocals and released as a series of singles and albums. Their most successful song, "Sugar, Sugar", became one of the biggest hits of the bubblegum pop genre that flourished from 1968 to 1972

6. The Blues Brothers - Rubber Biscuit

The Blues Brothers started out as a musical sketch in Saturday Night Live, where comedians John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd played Jake and Elwood Blues – The Blues Brothers. After several appearances in SNL, the band released an album and starred in a film, The Blues Brothers, created around its characters.

7. The Commitments - Try a Little Tenderness

The Commitments is a 1987 movie about a group of unemployed young people in Dublin, Ireland who start a soul band. The interesting thing here is that although the group in the film was entirely fictional, the cast later began touring as a real band known as "The Stars from The Commitments".

8. Josie & The Pussycats – Three Small Words

Josie & The Pussycats began as an Archie comic book that later developed into a Saturday morning cartoon series. In preparation for the 1970 cartoon series, Hanna-Barbera began working on putting together a real-life "Josie and the Pussycats" girl group, who would provide the singing voices of the girls in the cartoons and also cut an album as well. After interviewing 500 finalists, they cast Cathy Douglas, Cherie Moor and Patrice Holloway, who recorded an album and six singles. In 2001, Universal Pictures released a Josie & The Pussycats film starring Rachel Leigh Cook, Rosario Dawson and Tara Reid. The songs in the film were actually performed with Kay Hanley, former singer for Letters to Cleo, as the singing voice of Josie while the three actresses sang backup vocals on many of the songs. Josie & The Pussycats live twice...

9. The Soggy Bottom Boys - Man of Constant Sorrow

The Soggy Bottom Boys are the fictitious Depression-era "old-timey music" trio and accompaniment from the movie “O Brother, Where Art Thou?" played in the film by George Clooney, John Turturro and Tim Blake Nelson. The voices behind the Soggy Bottom Boys are well known bluegrass musicians and the song “Man of Constant Sorrow” won a Grammy for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals.

10. The Partridge Family - I Think I Love You

The Partridge Family was a 1970 sit-com about a widowed mother and her five children who start a music career as a traveling band. The Partridge Family became an instant phenomenon, not only as a TV show but as a band that produced actual hit songs. David Cassidy, who starred in the show as Shirley Jones' eldest son and sang lead vocals, became an overnight teen idol. In response to his instant fame, producers quickly signed him as a solo act as well. Although the Partridge Family did not actually exist as a live band, Cassidy began touring with his own group of musicians, performing Partridge songs as well as hits from his own albums.

11. Hannah Montana - The Best of Both Worlds

Hannah Montana is a Disney Channel series that focuses on a girl who lives a double live as an average school girl named Miley Stewart (played by Miley Cirus, daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus) by day and a famous pop singer named Hannah Montana by night.

12. Dusty & Lefty - Bad Jokes

Played by Woody Harrelson & John C. Riley for the 2006 Robert Altman film A Prairie Home Companion, based on the public radio show of the same name created by Garrison Keillor.

13. The Banana Splits – The Tra La La La Song

The Banana Splits were Fleegle the Beagle, Bingo the Gorilla, Drooper the Lion, and Snorky the Elephant and hosted the Banana Splits Adventure Hour that featured both animated and live action segments. In 1968, The Banana Splits released an album titled We're the Banana Splits. The show’s theme song, titled "The Tra La La La Song", released as a single, peaked at number 97 on Billboard's Top 100 in February 1969.

14. The Folksmen –Old Joe’s Place

The three actors who made Spinal Tap famous (Michael McKean, Christopher Guest and Harry Shearer) reunited as a folk trio for the 2003 mockumentary A Mighty Wind about a folk music reunion concert and the three groups that must come together to perform on national television for the first time in years.

15. Stillwater - Fever Dog

Stillwater is a fictional band fronted by actors Jason Lee and Billy Crudup for the 2000 film “Almost Famous”.

16. The Bandits – Catch Me

In the 1997 German movie, four female inmates form a band while in prision. When they are slated to perform at a police ball and take the opportunity to escape. While on the run, the heroines perform concerts and attain fame as a rock band. The soundtrack of the movie became a hit in Germany, selling almost 700.000 copies.

17. The Wonders – That Thing You Do

According to the 1996 film written and directed by Tom Hanks, The Wonders was a one-hit wonder band. In the movie, The Wonders rise to brief stardom on the strength of "That Thing You Do", a song written as a wistful ballad but which becomes an up-tempo rocker during the band's first performance at a talent show. Written and composed for the film by Adam Schlesinger, bassist for Fountains of Wayne, and released on the film's soundtrack, the song became a genuine hit for The Wonders in 1996 peaking at #41 on the Billboard Hot 100.

18. Strange Fruit – The Flame Still Burns

In the 1998 film Still Crazy, Strange Fruit is a fictional rock band from the 1970’s who, after being split up for several decades, are convinced to get back together to perform at a reunion of the same concert venue where they played their last gig.

19. Mitch & Mickey – A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow

This is another fictional band from the 2003 mockumentary “A Mighty Wind”. Mitch & Mickey are a folk duo played by seasoned actors Eugene Levy & Catherine O’Hara. The song "A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow", was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Song, and was performed at the 76th Oscar Ceremony by Levy and O'Hara (in character).

20. DriveShaft - You All (Everybody)

In the TV series Lost, Charlie Pace was a former member of a fictional one-hit wonder band named DriveShaft and “You All (Everybody)” was their claim to fame.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Top 20 Songs About Motorycles

You would expect songs about motorcycles to talk about the wind in your hair, the roar between your legs, and the feeling of freedom and adventure on the open road… and they do… However, the one thing my top song about motorcycle does not do is mention motorcycles at all… but I do not think anyone would ever question my choice there… je je je… yep, this is a fun and surprising list… these are my top 20 songs about motorbikes… with a special dedication to my friend Lady Harley…

1. Steppenwolf - Born to be Wild

I like smoke and lightning / Heavy metal thunder / Racin' with the wind / And the feelin' that I'm under / Yeah Darlin' go make it happen / Take the world in a love embrace / Fire all of your guns at once / And explode into space

2. Meat Loaf - Bat Out of Hell

I’m gonna hit the highway like a battering ram / On a silver black phantom bike / When the metal is hot and the engine is hungry / And were all about to see the light / Nothing ever grows in this rotten old hole / And everything is stunted and lost / And nothing really rocks / And nothing really rolls / And nothings ever worth the cost

3. Bob Seger - Roll me Away

Took a look down a westbound road,/ Right away I made my choice / Headed out to my big two-wheeler, / I was tired of my own voice / Took a bead on the northern plains / And just rolled that power on

4. Bruce Springsteen - Born To Run

In the day we sweat it out in the streets of a runaway American dream / At night we ride through mansions of glory in suicide machines / Sprung from cages out on highway 9, / Chrome wheeled, fuel injected and stepping out over the line / Baby this town rips the bones from your back / It’s a death trap, it’s a suicide rap / We gotta get out while were young / `Cause tramps like us, baby we were born to run

5. Prince & The Revolution - Raspberry Beret

So, look here / I put her on the back of my bike / And-a we went riding / Down by old man Johnson’s farm / I said now, overcast days never turned me on / But something about the clouds and her mixed / She wasn’t 2 bright / But I could tell when she kissed me / She knew how 2 get her kicks

6. Judas Priest - Desert Plains

Full moon is rising / The sky is black / I heed your call I'm coming back The road is straight cast / Wind's in my eyes / The engine roars between my thighs

7. AC/DC - Harley Davidson

Anytime I wanna, everytime I can / I'll escape on my Harley-Davidson / Anytime I wanna, everytime I can / I'll escape on the highway

8. Steve Earle - The Other Kind

You see it used to be I was really free / I didn’t need no gasoline to run / Before you could say Jack Kerouac you’d turn your back and I’d be gone / Yeah nowadays I got me two good wheels and I seek refuge in aluminum and steel / Aw, it takes me out there for just a little while / And the years fall away with every mile

9. Ugly Kidd Joe – Jesus Rode a Harley

Jesus rode a Harley Davidson / All the angels were gathered around / Leather boots and lace night gowns / And one started to kiss my feet

10. Neil Young - Unknown Legend

Somewhere on a desert highway / She rides a Harley-Davidson / Her long blonde hair flying in the wind / She’s been running half her life / The chrome and steel she rides / Colliding with the very air she breathes / The air she breathes.

11. Arlo Guthrie - Motorcycle Song

This song is about the time that I was ridin' my motorcycle. / Going down a mountain road, at 150 miles an hour, playin' my guitar. / On one side of the mountain road there was a mountain, and on the other side there was nothin' / there was a cliff in the air.

12. Saxon - Motorcycle Man

I can beat your street machine / We're taking risks, that's what we mean / 'Cause I'm a motorcycle man / We get our kicks just when we can / When we can / Motorcycle man

13. Beach Boys - Little Honda

It’s not a big motorcycle / Just a groovy little motorbike / It’s more fun that a barrel of monkeys / That two wheel bike / We’ll ride on out of the town / To any place I know you like

14. Ray Stevens – Shriner’s Convention

Coy, why ain't you at the parade? What? Well, how'd you get that big Harley up there in your room? What? I can't hear ya' Coy! Quit revving it up, son…

15. Motley Crue - Girls, Girls, Girls

Friday night and I need a fight / My motorcycle and a switchblade knife / Handful of grease in my hair feels right / But what I need to make me tight are

16. Rainbow - Death Alley Driver

Rough and ready rider in a supersonic sound machine / Rock and roll survivor / Chrome pipes between your knees / Running all the red lites / Your gonna make a dead stop / But you just can’t see the signs / Oh – you’ll never win the race / But you cant give up the chase

17. Bridgitte Badot – Harley Davidson

Je n'ai besoin de personn' / En Harley Davidson / Je n'reconnais plus person / En Harley Davidson / J'appuie sur le starter / Et voici que je quitte la terre / J'irai p't'être au Paradis / Mais dans un train d'enfer.

18. Richard Thompson – 52 Vincent Black Lightning

Says James, in my opinion, there's nothing in this world beats a 52 Vincent and a red headed girl / Now Nortons and Indians and Greeveses won't do / They don't have a soul like a Vincent 52

19. Lou Reed – New Sensations

I took my GPZ out for a ride / The engine felt good between my thighs / The air felt cool, its was 40 degrees outside / I rode to Pennsylvania near the Delaware gap / Sometimes I got lost and had to check the map / I stopped at a roadside diner for a burger and a coke

20. Merle Haggard – Motorcycle Cowboy

Yeah I love my biker baby / She loves her guitar picking pal / Yeah I love my Harley mama / She loves her guitar pickin pal / I'm her motorcycle cowboy / She's my long tall gal.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Top 20 Disco Songs

If you grew up in the 70's, like me, then Disco was a big part of your life. Maybe you even dressed in an all white suit and tried to bust a classic Tony Manero move on a multi-colored dance floor. So let's take a walk down under that mirror ball, do a little a dance, make a little love and get down tonight... These are my top 20 Disco songs from the 70's.

01. The Bee Gees – Night Fever

02. The Tramps – Disco Inferno

03. Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive

04. Earth Wind & Fire – Fantasy

05. Boney M – By the Rivers of Babylon

06. Love & Kisses – Thank God It’s Friday

07. Jean Paul Young – Love is the Air

08. The Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive

09. ABBA – Voules Vouz

10. KC & The Sunshine Band – Get Down Tonite

11. Donna Summer – Hot Stuff

12. The Village People – YMCA

13. Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough

14. Alicia Bridges – I Love the Nightlife

15. Donna Summer - Last Dance

16. Michael Zager Band – Let’s All Chant

17. The Hues Corporation – Rock the Boat

18. Patrick Hernandez – Born to Be Alive

19. Barry White – My First, My Last, My Everything

20. Boney M - Rasputin