Saturday, June 27, 2009

Top 20 Michael Jackson songs.

Regardless of his personal life and whatever, Michael Jackson did make an impact on pop music. The guy really understood what pop music was all about, and he should be celebrated for his music. This my tribute to him and to his music. These are the top 20 Michael Jackson songs.

01. Thriller

02. Will You Be there?

03. Billie Jean

04. Ben

05. Smooth Criminal

06. You're Not Alone

07. Black or White

08. The Girl is Mine

09. Man in the Mirror

10. I'll Be There

11. We are the World

11. Can You Feel it?

13. Earth Song

14. Heal the World

15. Childhood

16. Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough

17. Torture

18. Say, Say, Say

19. Human Nature

20. You Can't Win


  1. Hey, what about Eat it!?? (Or was it Beat it???) Anyway, dude, you're skipping one of THE best Jackson songs!

    And about his personal life... I rather liked the "whatever" part that you mentioned. Made him a "wholesome monstrer", someone you colud talk to on a first name basis. Know what I mean??... Anyway, I'm not saying that being a pedophile is cool. All I'm saying is that having a major reason to be different is cool, see??... No, I don´t think you do! It's an issue that has to do with art, I guess... anyway, forget it. (Signs out and goes to read his favorite mega-splatter novels...) Heheeheh.

  2. Dude, there are a bunch of MJ songs I just don't care for (Beat It, Bad, Dirty Diana, etc.) and no amount of hot riffs by Eddie Van Halen or Slash could ever change that! Just because a "wholesome monster" dies doesn't automatically change BAD into GOOD... get it? he he he

  3. "Dirty" DianaApril 14, 2010 at 10:09 AM

    woah I think that Michael was the best person to step foot on this planet. He DID NOT rape, touch, or harm in ANY way ANY children. Check the freaking news, he was proven INNOCENT. He had SKIN CANCER, a type called vitiligo. So when you make fun of him for having CANCER. So for god sakes leave him alone. He was a musical genious, and MANY, MANY people around the world. I love him and will continue to love him throughout the rest of my life.