Sunday, June 6, 2010

Top 20 Aerosmith Songs

A few days ago, Steven Tyler and the boys performed down here for the first time since 1994 and blew the roof off. Back in 1994, there was an incident at the concert that resulted in someone's death. This time around, the only real incident, apart from an amazing performance, was a 2-hour traffic jam to exit the venue. Hail Aerosmith! These are my Top 20 Aerosmith songs.

BTW, be warned that most of the following texts are not mine but stolen from different sources...

1. Dream On:

There is so much that can be said about this song and what makes it the best Aerosmith song ever released, but it is really unnecessary. This song speaks for itself.

2. I Don't Want to Miss a Thing:

“I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” became Aerosmith’s most famous song and first number one hit after the release of the blockbuster film Armageddon. American Idol judge Simon Cowell considers it “one of the great songs of all time” and it was even nominated for an Academy Award. Hard to believe that songwriter Diane Warren originally wrote the song for Celine Dion.

3. Walk This Way:

Though the original version was released in 1975, it is more notable for the revamped edition with rap legends Run DMC from 1986. This version not only began the rap/rock movement, it also resurrected Aerosmith’s career. “Walk This Way” features one of the most famous guitar riffs of all time.

4. Amazing:

Considered by many fans to be Aerosmith’s signature song, “Dream On” is a timeless classic. The dreamy piano intro and Tyler’s wailing vocals are legendary. The chord progression has been imitated and mirrored countless times in popular music, a testament to the quality of the original song

5. Janie's Got a Gun:

Aerosmith’s darkest and most haunting song, the lyrics deal with a daughter who takes revenge on her sexually abusive father. Many lyrics were changed to make the song more commercial, including the original title: “Danny’s Got a Gun.”

6. Livin' on the Edge:

Another song about social issues, “Livin’ on the Edge” was inspired by the Los Angeles riots of 1992. It has been a live concert staple for years and even won a Grammy award in 1993.

7. Sweet Emotion:

Allegedly written about Joe Perry’s wife (a contributing factor to the drama that would later drive the members to disband in the 1980s), “Sweet Emotion” was Aerosmith’s first breakthrough single. The song features a notable bass line by Hamilton as well as one of the most famous uses of the guitar talk box by Perry.

8. Lightning Strikes:

They were falling apart. The album sucked but the song was great.

9. Crazy:

Off of 1994’s Get a Grip, “Crazy” is infamous for its music video. The risque video features Aerosmith vid-staple Alicia Silverstone as well as the first appearance by Liv Tyler, lead singer Steven Tyler’s daughter.

10. Dude (Looks Like a Lady):

Co-written by Desmond Child and inspired by the California lingo and look of Motley Crue, “Dude” is one of Aerosmith’s more lighthearted tunes. Audiences may remember the song’s brilliant inclusion in the film Mrs. Doubtfire.

11. Cryin':

The music video for the song features the first appearance of Alicia Silverstone in the band's videos. Love it when she gives us the finger at the end.

12. Jaded:

Good song, good video, but the single's artwork, featuring a naked girl holding an apple on the cover, really catches your eye.

13. Pink:

I simply love anaphoras and this one is fun!

14. Rag Doll:

It's naughty and fun and makes the listener want to watch and move a little.

15. Love in an Elevator:

Second floor, hardware, children's wear, lady's lingerie. Oh, good morning Mr. Tyler...going down?

16. What It Takes:

This song pulls back to the roots of Aerosmith combining the blues and rock sound as only Aerosmith can.

17. Back in the Saddle:

The electrifying first cut off Aerosmith’s 1976 album Rocks, “Back in the Saddle” is a swaggering, powerful bluesy-rock song. Joe Perry’s serpentine guitar riff chugs under Steven Tyler’s banshee cry of “I’m back!” as the song kicks into high gear.

18. Angel:

"Angel" is still a beautiful song with great lyrics made believable by Steven Tyler.

19. Eat the Rich:

The song is a fan favorite, despite not having much mainstream success, and always draws a rousing reaction from crowds when it used as the band's opening song in concerts.

20. Come Together:

A Beatles' cover from the movie Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Aerosmith played the ruthless Future Villian Band (FVB).

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