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Top 20 Jim Steinman Songs

Jim Steinman's music has always been about power and passion on an almost operatic scale.His productions can be described as thunderous rock played by a sweeping orchestra with background harmonies crashing against it all like waves against a cliff face - Dazzling in it's beauty, frightening in it's power.The Lord of Excess has produced some of the greatest rock anthems of all time. I bet you didn't know that all of these great songs were written by the same hand. These are my top 20 Jim Steinman songs.

1. Meat Loaf - Bat Out of Hell

I'm gonna hit the highway like a battering ram / On a silver black phantom bike / When the metal is hot and the engine is hungry / And we're all about to see the light / Nothing ever grows in this rotting old hole / Everything is stunted and lost / And nothing really rocks / And nothing really rolls / And nothing's ever worth the cost

2. Fire Inc - Tonight is What it Means to be Young

I've got a dream 'bout an angel on the beach and the perfect waves are starting to curl / his hair is flying out in ribbons of gold and his touch has got the power to stun / I've got a dream 'bout an angel in the forest enchanted by the edge of a lake / his body's flowing in the jewels alive and the earth below is starting to shake / but I don't see any angels in this city / I don't hear any holy choirs sing and if I can't get an angel / I can still get a boy / and a boy'd be the next best thing / the next best thing to an angel/ a boy would be the next best thing

3. Meat Loaf & Lorraine Crosby - I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)

Will you hold me sacred? / Will you hold me tight? / Can you colorize my life I'm so sick of black and white? / Can you make it a little less old? / Will you make me some magic, with your own two hands? / Can you build an Emerald city with these grains of sand? / Can you give me something that I can take home?

4. Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart

And I need you now tonight and I need you more than ever / And if you only hold me tight We'll be holding on forever / And we'll only be making it right 'cause we'll never be wrong / Together we can take it to the end of the line / Your love is like a shadow on me all of the time (all of the time) / I don't know what to do and I'm always in the dark / We're living in a powder keg and giving off sparks / I really need you tonight, forever's gonna start tonight / Forever's gonna start tonight

5. Jim Steinman - Rock'n'Roll Dreams Come True

There's always something magic / There's always something new / And when you really, really need it the most / That's when rock and roll dreams come through / The beat is yours forever / The beat is always true / And when you really, really need it the most / That's when rock and roll dreams come through...for you...

6. Celine Dion - It's All Coming Back to Me Now

I finished crying in the instant that you left / And I can't remember where or when or how / And I vanished every memory you and I have ever made / When you touch me like this / And you hold me like that / It's so hard to believe but it's all coming back to me

7. Air Supply - Making Love Out of Nothing at All

Everytime I see you all the rays of the sun are streaming through the waves in your hair / And every star in the sky is taking aim at your eyes like a spotlight / The beating of my heart is a drum and it's lost / And it's looking for a rhythm like you / You can take the darkness from the pit of the night / And turn into a beacon burning endlessly bright

8. Bonnie Tyler - Holding Out for a Hero

Somewhere after midnight in my wildest fantasy / Somewhere just beyond my reach / There's someone reaching back for me / Racing on the thunder and rising with the heat / It's gonna take a superman to sweep me off my feet / Up Where the mountains meet the heavens above / Out where the lightning splits the sea / I could swear that there's someone somewhere / Watching me / Through the wind and the chill and the rain / And the storm and the flood / I can feel his approach / Like a fire in my blood

9. Pandora's Box - Original Sin (Natives Are Restless)

It's not enough to make the nightmares go away / It's not enough to make the tears run dry / It's not enough to live a little better every day / Everything that they taught us was nothing but lies / Everything that they bought us was nothing but bribes / But it'll all be over now / All I wanted was a piece of the night / I never got an equal share / When the stars are out of sight / And the moon is down / The natives are so restless tonight

10. Barbra Streisand - Left in the Dark

I should have known that it was coming to this / But I must have been blind / I bet you still got a trace of her love in your eyes / and you've still got her eyes on your mind / You swore you'd be with me at 7 o'clock / Now it's a quarter to 3 / And whatever you got and whoever it was / I guess you couldn't get it from me / Whatever you got and whoever it was / I guess you couldn't get it from me

11. Bonnie Tyler & Todd Rundgren - Loving You is a Dirty Job

When the sky is falling and you're looking round for somewhere to hide / Did you ever call out to someone / Did you ever call out to me, I've never been gone / I've been right here by your side / There ain't nothin' but clouds / There ain't nothin' but clouds in your eyes / Why don't you believe it when you finally found the truth / You've been drinking poison water from the fountain of youth / Why don't you stop tearing up everyone you need the most / You're so busy trying to get even / You never even try to get close

12. Fire Inc - Nowhere Fast

Lying in your bed on a Saturday night / you're sweatin' buckets and it's not even hot / but your brain has got the message / and it's sending it out / to every nerve and every muscle you've got / you've got so many dreams / that you don't know where to put 'em / so you'd better turn a few of 'em loose / your body's got a feeling that it's starting to rust / you'd better rev it up and put it to use

13. Meat Loaf & Ellen Foley - Paradise by the Dashboard Lights

I couldn't take it any longer / Lord I was crazed / And when the feeling came upon me / Like a tidal wave / I started swearing to my god and on my mother's grave / That I would love you to the end of time / I swore that I would love you to the end of time! / So now I'm praying for the end of time / To hurry up and arrive / 'Cause if I gotta spend another minute with you / I don't think that I can really survive / I'll never break my promise or forget my vow / But God only knows what I can do right now / I'm praying for the end of time / It's all that I can do / Praying for the end of time, / So I can end my time with you!!

14. Meat Loaf - Two Out Three Ain't Bad

You'll never find your gold on a sandy beach / You'll never drill for oil on a city street / I know you're looking for a ruby in a mountain of rocks / But there ain't no Coup de Ville / Hiding at the bottom of a Cracker Jack box

15. Tom Jones - Vaults of Heaven

The keys to the vaults of heaven / May be seen in a pure child's eyes / The keys to the vaults of heaven / May be heard in our desperate cries / Open up the vaults / Open up the vaults / We've got to find the keys / The nights have been growing darker / Even darker now than sin / We'll open the vaults of heaven / The glories are there within

16. Jim Steinman - Stark Raving Love

They're howling up at the moon and moaning under the stars / Prowling in the alley and stalking all the prey in the bars / It started out as a whisper but it's building right up into a shriek / You don't say nothing but your body really knows how to speak

17. Meat Loaf - You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth

It was a hot summer night / Beach was burning / Fog crawling over the sand / When I listen to your heart I hear the whole world turning / I see the shooting stars falling through your trembling hands / You were licking your lips and lipstick shining / Dying just to ask for a taste / Lying together in a silver lining / By the light of the moon / You know there's not another moment / Not another moment / Not another moment to waste

18. Barry Manilow - Read'em and Weep

Well, I could tell you "goodbye" or maybe "See you around" with just a touch of a sarcastic "thanks"! / We started out with a bang and at the top of the world / Now the guns are exhausted and the bullets are blanks and everything's blank! / If I could only find the words then I would write it all down / If I could only find a voice I would speak / Oh, it's there in my eyes, oh, can't you see me tonight / Come on and look at me and read 'em and weep!

19. Tina Arena - Whistle Down the Wind

Make it clear and strong / So the whole night long / Every signal that you send / Until the very end / I will not abandon you my precious friend / So try and stem the tide / Then you'll raise a banner / Send a flare up in the sky / Try to burn a torch / And try to build a bonfire

20 Meat Loaf - A Kiss is a Terrible Thing to Waste

So many things in your life that your bound to regret / Why didn't I do that? Why didn't I do this? / So many chances you lost that'll you'll never forget / Why didn't I make it? Why didn't I take it right there? / The loneliest words you'll ever know. / "If only, if only it was so" / The emptiest words that they'll ever be. / "It could have been me. It could have been me" / You'll have to pay for it later. / If you don't get it when its going for free

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