Saturday, July 3, 2010

Top 20 Jingle Songs

All of us have probably hundreds of jingles floating around in our heads. Through advertising history, catchy tunes have always helped products become more familiar and successful in the eyes of the public. In fact, some of this jingles are so good that they have had life outside the marketing world and become hit songs on their own. For example, Barry Manilow and the 70's Argentine band Abracadabra still play a medley of jingles in their live sets, and people love them. These are my Top 20 jingle songs - where you will undoubtedly find a couple from my childhood in Costa Rica.

1. The Hillside Singers - I'd Like to Teach the World To Sing (Coca Cola)

2. Abracadabra - Sabor a Juventud (Productos Jack's)

3. Nsyc - Baby Back Ribs (Chili's)

4. Always Coca Cola (Coke)

5. The Wiener Song (Oscar Mayer)

6. You Deserve a Break Today (McDonalds)

7. Mmm Possibilities (Campbell's Soup)

8. Doublemint Gum

9. Mac Tonite (McDonald's)

10. Cascada de Chocolate (Chocolates Gallito)

11. Lovin' It (McDonald's)

12. David Naughton - Be a Pepper (Dr Pepper)

13. I Don't Want to Grow Up (Toys R Us)

14. Fresh Goes Better (Mentos)

15. Ray Charles - The Right One (Pepsi)

16. Gimme a Break (Kit Kat Bar)

17. Singing Pirates -

18. $5 Footlong (Subway)

19. My Bologna Has a First Name (Oscar Mayer)

20. Meow Mix Song (Meow Mix)

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